Monday, August 11, 2008

Other Happenings - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Our visit with Miranda and Ralph seems far in the past now, though it has only been a few weeks since they left. Below are some other highlights from the visit:

The three Phelan siblings, together again down memory laneThere's no going back
Most excellentA picture is worth a thousand words!!!
  • Other adventures in Toronto, including visiting the Drake Hotel, staying at the Gladstone while recouperating from the flight to Canada and visiting Amber and Joey in their humble abode

  • An afternoon visit and supper with Steven, Caroline and Alex in their newly renovated home

  • A visit with Miranda's high school friend, Laura Grice
Amber and Joey, true love....Love those red walls Amber
Steven, Miranda, Ralph, Alex, CarolineAlex and Caroline
  • A day in Stratford with Laura Northey where we enjoyed Music Man, supper out and a stroll along the "swany" Avon

  • Miranda got to reconnect with a Legislative Page peer from her grade 8 stint in Toronto; John works in a restaurant in Kitchener so we joined him for lunch one day

Mirandas Page friend, JohnWe saw a wonderful musical.... Music Man
Ralph, Miranda, Laura NortheyThe Lions were fabulous and the entire place was a pleasant surprise
  • Lunch in Elora shopping and watching some high school kids jump into the quarry

  • Getting sandwiched in my van en route to the bus station; Ralph got a whip lash which required several trips to the chiropractor and in the end I got to buy a new Dodge Caravan
Grandpa buys us lunch in Elora after a hazardous but memorable drive down a road under constructionMe and my girls in Elora
McMichaels Art Gallery in KleinbergMy new very BLUE Dodge Caravan
  • Checking out real estate and the lay of the land in the Kitchener Waterloo area.

Yes you heard me right. The good news from this visit was the fact that Miranda and Ralph are considering moving to Canada in a few years. We are thrilled with this prospect as we had thought our daughter would be in Austalia forever.

So we are left with some wonderful summer memories of flowers and festivities, hugs and laughter, family and friends and even some relaxing times eating outside and lounging around the pool. It was good to reconnect with Miranda, to feel the warm fuzzies being with her evokes, to see her happy and missing us and to just be grateful for the wonderful moments shared and bask in that glow.

Amber, Karina, Jillian relaxing around the poolRalph discovers REAL corn on the cob
Mike and Jillian ... so nice to see the pool come alive againour water baby

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Kevin Pammett said...

What a treasure trove of pictures and descriptions, Nanci. Thanks so much for doing this "labor of love". It's a really nice mix of pix + context. SO NICE for me to finally see pictures of Steven's home; they have exactly the same "sun God" plaque that we had for years - Austin gave it to us and I was heart broken when it got dropped a couple of years ago.

I also like your new blog format, though one thing I noticed was the at least *I* can't read the "Post a Comment " link at the end. Luckily I knew it was there and when I highlighted the are the text showed up so I was able to post this.

Great work !!!