Monday, August 11, 2008

Ya Ya Sisters Make 200 km Bike Trip From Toronto to Sandbanks Provincial Park

Our girls are buff!!! For months they had been planning to "get away" together and hone their bicycling skills. It was quite a challenge to pack their bikes up without adding too much weight. Miranda rented a bike and they left from Amber's apartment in Toronto on Monday and cycled eastwards along the Trans Canada and the Waterfront Trail.

Happy Cyclers

They had several adventures and misadventures along the way, including a broken spoke and two flat tires; one conveniently in front of a Dairy Queen and the other in the middle of nowhere. People were very friendly and helpful. They camped out at Darlington Provincial Park the first night and Presqu'ile Provincial Park the second night. They then stayed at a campgrounds at Sandbanks for the next two nights.

Getting the bikes readyBikes are loaded up and ready to head out
Camping at its bestThey're everywhere!!

At the ages of 26 and 29 they found the pup tent tiny and the ground rather hard!!! I'm told that Amber was the chief cook and organizer and Miranda the dishwasher. The laughter and bonding was a supernovae!!!! They were pretty happy to see us and have real seats, when we picked them up Friday on our way back from Montreal. Ralph got to experience a second lovely freshwater lake, as we stayed long enough for a swim. When we lived in Tweed where we raised the kids, we had many lovely outings to Sandbanks, so for Miranda and Amber, this was a real trip down memory lane.

We made it to Sandbanks!!!

Our wee tentA sandcastle like Aaron used to build
Beach Beauties!!Ralph and Caitlin arrive

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